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Our Vision

  • Transforming the community where every person has a healthy life.

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Our Mission

  • To develop a healthcare system where quality service is provided with a humane approach at affordable cost.

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Holistic healthcare resort center

post by divyajivan on May 1, 2021
Where Healthcare Science ans Nature Meet. The heaven for healthcare. Holistic Health Care Resort center

Corporate health program

post by divyajivan on May 1, 2021
Corporate Health Programs are including three contains1. Policies and Program Development2. Programs3. Maintenance / Quality...

How a drug moves through clinical trials

post by divyajivan on May 1, 2021
There are two types of clinical trials 1. Pre-Clinical Trial Phases 2. Clinical Trial Phases

Types of vaccine

post by divyajivan on May 1, 2021
Live attenuated Vaccine, Inactivated Vaccine, Replication Viral Vector Vaccine, Non-Replication Viral Vector Vaccine, DNA Vaccine,...

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Hats off to you Dr Koradia! We have seen you working tirelessly for your ailing patients round the clock. Lot of people I personally know are alive because of you and your team’s amazing efforts. This step forward will put you and Divyajivan in the next orbit of #healthcare.

Wishing you all the very best. We are committed to support your efforts from United States.

Raj Desai, USA

Great Dentist if you need your family member to get effectiv immediate assistance, examination , emergency treatment o simple consultation. Thank you.

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